2MW solar panel 6.48MWH Lithium battery storage system


This is a solar energy storage project requested by the President of Chad to be installed in TINA, as he received support and assistance from the villagers here during his military service. The people here have not yet had access to electricity. In order to thank the villagers and help solve the problem of electricity shortage in the three villages here, they have decided to install solar photovoltaic power plants.

For local villagers, this project is a major project, so it is necessary to choose a high-quality and trustworthy company to cooperate.

The client is not seeking suppliers through bidding, but is looking for a Chinese solar factory and have a local branch in Chad to collaborate on this project.

The client invited our Sales manager Lily to negotiate this engineering project face-to-face. 

As the project is very urgent, Lily went to Chad twice a month .The first time was to discuss the details of the order and sign the contract. We introduced the detailed parameters of this system in French and worked with their engineers to understand the specific electricity needs, discuss and complete the system customization together.
The second time, it was due to payment and on-site investigation and construction guidance at the installation site. Due to payment issues, the President of the Bank of Chad has requested a meeting with Chinese company to discuss the faster payment methods for future cooperation. The people in Chad are very friendly. Most government personnel can speak a few simple Chinese words. They all say they like our Chinese culture and have been praising our Chinese government for being very good and serving the Chinese people. They are role models for their Chadian government officials. We have received recognition from the African government for our Chinese government, and we are even more proud and proud than receiving orders.

After passing through three airports, we arrived at the TINA installation destination. The local leaders and power companies received us and accompanied us to the installation site. We determined the installation angle, installation location, container placement, and other installation details.

There are a total of four villages here, and we are installing our solar power station in the middle desert. Centralized power supply for four villages.

Why do clients choose TANFON?

1.In the past, TANFON company has successfully completed 1MW and 2MW of Solar Energy Storage projects , so clients are very confident that TANFON’s mature solutions can meet their needs well.

2.The client has sent professionals to inspect the factory and confirmed that TANFON Company is indeed a Solar Energy production factory. At the same time, it has also been confirmed that TANFON Company's production and quality systems are trustworthy.

3.Senior Chadian government officials have installed solar energy systems in their homes and believe in the quality of the products they have used. It also proves that solar power generation systems enjoy a high reputation in Chad.

4.TANFON does not do EPC, but does provide EPC solutions and construction support to ensure that the product operates well. 

5. After- sales service is guaranteed.

TANFON 2MW solar panel 6.48MWH Lithium battery

PS: The #2MW ESS project in Chad is currently in production, and we will provide you with more production information, debugging information, shipping information, and installation information in the future. Coming soon......


ladies and gentlemen:
Today I want to tell you our brand story, 
Our founder went abroad to investigate the new energy market. He felt very helpless when the water and power were suddenly cut off while taking a shower in the hotel.
At that moment, through the window, he saw people walking out of their homes because of the power outage and complaining to each other under the overpass.
Since then, he was determined to build a solar brand that changes people's lifestyles.
Use solar energy to develop industrial , increase employment rates, improve people's living standards and quality, and contribute to the realization of the global carbon neutral strategic goal. 

Tanfon means sunshine from the sky, it represents the gift of nature, our belief in sunshine, and our dedication to innovation,manufacturing and service.
Tanfon use German 5S safety technology with 360°guarantee, IOT patent ,extend double life span!
I dream of one day

Tanfon Solar will install the most advanced photovoltaic power storage system for commercial and industrial users, help more merchants save electricity bills, and get rid of fossil fuels.Become the world's first solar power innovative manufacturer. let "Made in China" go to “intelligent manufacturer”and affect the world.

This is our dream, a dream that will come true!


After experiencing the days without electricity and water, I can feel even more why our founder created the TANFON brand and his great dream.
TANFON has been working hard to help people achieve a better life, come on!

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