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Solar water pump system in libya


Solar water pump system in libya

Location: Libya
Use: farm
type: solar water pump system


This photo is a feedback sent to us by a customer from Libya. He purchased an 8kw Tanfon solar water pump system. In order to maintain the water supply of his farm, we all know that Libya is a desert country located in North Africa, with less rainfall throughout the year and less water. The main water is wells and springs, which requires manual drilling. Ordinary manual drilling is very labor-intensive and the wells that are drilled are complicated and difficult to obtain water.


Solar water pump system in libya

The customer found Tanfon and proposed that a solar water pump was needed to realize automatic water extraction. After understanding the customer's needs and collecting specific data, our staff designed an 8kw solar water pump system for him.


Solar water pump system in libya

When the light is good during the day, the solar panel collects energy to bill the water pump, and the advantage of the solar water pump is that it is fully Automatic, no need for special care and low initial investment, and the service life of the solar water pump is long, and it can also reduce the customer's expenditure on electricity bills.


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