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How to choose and maintain large-scale industrial and commercial solar system

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off grid solar system

Hello Everyone,this is Julie from Tanfon solar.

Today I want to introduce the difference between our inverters and other factories.

Look at here, you can choose any part to read the working datas, you can also change something if necessary.

This one we can add the SNMP card, so you can read the working datas wherever you are.

off grid solar system

Come I show you others, this one is the SCR we import from Germany.We connect here. This SCR not only make sure that it has 0 second transfer, but also protect the output current, make it pure and stable. Please look at here, according to our investigation, we are the only factory to add the reactance into our inverter.

This one not only protect the SCR, but also make sure that the output is pure and stable to work the high-tech machines, especially the high-tech machines in hospitals.

off grid solar system

off grid solar system

The 0 second transfer also make it uitable for hospitals projects.This is one we not only used for the Chinese hospitals, but also exported to Somalia for the local hospitals.

The next one I want to introduce to you is this one, Japanese Mitsubishi brand IGBT.This is the top 1 IGBT module in the industry, please come, we connect it here.

This is IGBT module make sure that our inverter is much stronger to work the inductive loads, to less the impact from the inductive loads,so that our inverters are normally longer life than the others.

off grid solar system

So far, our inverters are already installed in different countries for the government projects, like one set 60kw system in Indonesia for the airport , and one set 80kw system in Kenya for the Konza building.and 2sets of 200kw systems in Papua New Guinea for airport grid solar system

off grid solar system

And all of these, these inverters are sending to Davao city in Philippines , for the local school grid solar system

These are all our unparalled design, so. Choose Tanfon , Choose Best Quality, Choose grid solar system

off grid solar system

off grid solar system

off grid solar system

off grid solar system

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TANFON 15KW solar system with lightning protection function

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