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How does the Kenyan customer evaluate TANFON

0 admin 2019-11-21 14:37:44

Hello,my name is Caroline Muasya.  

I come from Kenya. A very good customer to Tanfon Solar company.

I came to China, Guangzhou a few years ago.

And i meet this company and visit them today.

And i am happy to be here to be taken as a good customer by you guys.

I am appreciating you for the good work that you are doing.

I want to give you advantage of what i ask and are paying?

Now those three years ago, i bought 5kw system three phase.

Simply because in my home, i have borehole that asked to run and apparently today which is three years down the life.

The system is working so well.

I need to pay Kenya electricity bill USD150.

But currently i have paid nothing.

Thanks to Tanfon for the work that they are doing. I just transform our lights ,our home is lighting now without the Kenya power lighting, purely on solar from Tanfon.

 I am doing my ironing, I am cooking. I am lighting a very big pond using the same system.

So if you want their quality , it is best. You trust to do.

You don’t need to look elsewhere, just look to Tanfon and to get what you require.

Thank you!

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