Why does the school project of Chad only choose the solar system of the TANFON brand?


Our school project with Chad is already the third cooperation between us.
Our first cooperation was only testing 3 systems.

Chad school project

13 sets of solar system loading container video


His test system has two purposes:
1) He bought off grid 15kW, 20KW, 30KW system together. Want to test which system in school is more suitable.
2) He also has to test Tanfon's product quality. After all, this is a long -term project, because this project will have a total of 163 systems, provided to schools in different regions.



After a year, the other party continued to use the test. In the end, the government department of Chad determined the purchase of 163 sets of PLUS-20KW models.
This is a sample order video that was tested last time.



Why does engineer customers choose Tanfon:
Because Tanfon is not only a high -cost product, the most advantageous place is the service team. When you cooperate with us, you will have a group of professional, high -efficiency technical teams to serve you, solve the technical problems of pre -sales, sales, and after -sales.
It makes it easier for you to get government project orders, and it is easier to be trusted, and cooperation will become happy.

Welcome to join Tanfon and let us work together to serve your terminal customers.

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