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8000w solar inverter
  • 8000w solar inverter

8000w hybrid grid PV solar inverter with strong function

Product Specification:

  • Place Of Origin: foshan
  • BrandName: TANFON SOLAR
  • MOQ: 1pc
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8000w solar inverter with MPPT controller ,low frequency with strong function

6000w solar home power inverter

what is 8kw solar inverter Feature?

1.Combine with solar power controller and inverter hybrid function.

2.Completely controlled by CPU.output have 5V and 12V USB,can take LED light and mobile phone

3.Inverter use copper transformer, pure sine wave output.

4..LCD displays, clearly to know the status.

5.have bypass function and AC charger (UPS function,working automatically)

6.Perfect protection. Protect against anti-charge at night, battery over charger/over discharge, output short-circuit, against overload, against over-voltage, over-current protection ,etc.

7.charge battery when the battery is complaining they stop electric meter and use suns direct and when the sun is low they go on batteries, and when the battery is low they reserve and runs electric meter

SC6kw-10kw off grid solar power inverter front and back design:

8kw solar inverter


What is SC8KW solar hybrid inverter data sheet:  

Model SC8000 
Rated power(W) 6000W
Rated DC voltage(V) 48Vor 96V
Line input Input voltage(V) 145-280V, 90-127V
Charge current(A) 10-30A
Inverter output Output voltage(V) 110V or 120V or 220V or 230V or 240VAC±5%, &5V,12V DC port
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz±1%
Wave form Pure Sine Wave, THD<4%(Full Load)
Solar input Maximum voltage(V) (48v)88v; (96v)176v
Rated power(Wp) 8000Wp
Solar Controller Charge current(A) 80A
MPPT range(V) 48V(40-68), 96V(80-136)
Charging efficiency 90%-95%, Peak on 97%
Other Over charge protective voltage of battery(V) 48V(57.2V); 96V(114V)
Over charge recover-voltage of battery(V) 48V(54.7V); 96V(109.6V)
Voltage drop between solar
module and battery(V)
Voltage drop between loads
and battery(V)
Start speed of cooling fan Have
Environment Humidity 0-90% Maximum,non-condensable
Protective Functions Protection against anti-charge at night;
Battery over charge;over discharge protection; Joint-reversed of solar modules
Control method MPPT
Size :D*W*H(mm) 592*470*730
N.W&G.W(kg) 70/83

Need more other solar off grid inverter, please send inquiry to us, we will reply as soon as possible within 12 hours.

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Why Choose Tanfon?

Power peak power is three times of the rated power.

Multifunctional operating interface:

      A. Ajustable charging current: End user can adjust AC charging current according to their own needs

  1. Optional battery mode: Different working mode for different battery type, which makes our inverter work under best situation

  2. Adjustable mains priority and inverter priority mode:

Mains priority: when AC mains and DC battery are connected at the same time, inverter choose AC mains for priority AC output

Inverter priority: when AC mains and DC battery are connected at the same time,inverter converts DC battery power for priority AC output.

Customers can choose mains priority or inverter priority mode according to their own needs, and can switch them at any time.

  1. AC main input frequency automatic recognition:our inverter can automatically recognize 50HZ and 60HZ AC input, we guarantee our inverter provides 50HZ AC output from 50HZ AC mains, and provide 60HZ AC output from 60HZ AC mains, to ensure inverter provides normal input and output and to ensure the loading works properly.

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Tanfon service center

Customer feedback
solar inverter price list 10kw 

about hybrid solar inverter with MPPT controller feedback, pls log our our company news

Customer learning in our factory picture:


Solar grid hybrid solar power inverter for Solar system connection for reference:


solar hybrid inverter 300w to 1000w, 1pc use one carton box packing, over 1000w power inverter, 1pc use one wooden box packing.

Q1. Are you factory?
A1. Yes, our factory and sales department are located in Foshan and we would be pleased to welcome you in our factory at any time when you are in Foshan.
Q2. All products have a warranty?
A2. YES, All products are at least 2 years warranty.
Q3. How to confirm your inverter is full capacity?
A3. Inverter size; inverter weight; test the sample, checking other customer feedback, call to other our old customer etc.
Q4. What is the payment method?
A4. We normally require a T/T advance payment. 30% deposit and 70% before shipping. Western Union / MoneyGram / Alibaba can also be used.
Q5. Can we design packaing?
A5. YES.We can customer's own packing
Q6.Can we add our logo on products?
A6. YES. you can add your logo on products.
Q7.Can we customize product?
Q8.Are there some optional function for your inverter?
A8.Yes, it have battery priority function, grid priority function, AC grid charger function, AVR function, RS232 interface telecommunication function. Solar system inverter mostly use battery priority function, AC grid charger function. It can make full use of solar power.
Q9.what is TANFON inverter after sales service
A9.during the warranty, ship free PCB by DHL or FEDEX.(more info can see our company news, we have customer feedback about how to fix the inverter.


What Certifications TANFON have?

solar products certificate

TANFON pass SGS certification origional document ,just let you know our quality ,certification ,service 

we do hope can get way to cooperate with you based on WIN-WIN cooperation.

With us, your business in safe, your money in safe!

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