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China signs contract for solar power project in Bila, Zimbabwe

0 admin 2022-03-08 17:07:00

On February 11, the 11th Bureau of Hydropower and Zimbabwe Central Power Grid Pte Ltd officially signed the contract for the solar power generation project in Nyabira.

The project is located in Niabila, Mashonaland West, 33 kilometers away from the capital city of Harare. It is rich in natural resources and has unique geographical advantages. The project owner is Central Power Grid Private Co., Ltd. The main construction contents include: 23 MW photovoltaic power station, 6 km transmission line, and a booster station.

Since its entry into the Zimbabwean market, the Eleventh Hydropower Bureau has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy, and has been widely recognized by the government and people of the host country and affirmed by the media. In May 2021, Richard Moyo, Minister of Affairs and Decentralization of North Matabeleland Province of Zimbabwe, visited the waterfall city photovoltaic project undertaken by the Hydropower 11 Bureau. Minister Moyo saw that 98% of the workers involved in the construction of the project were Zimbabweans People, highly praised the localization strategy of the Eleventh Hydropower Bureau. In December 2021, Zimbabwe's Minister of Land and Local Affairs, Minister of Defense and War Veterans Affairs and Minister of Public Services, Labor and Social Welfare inspected the central grid photovoltaic project undertaken by the Eleventh Hydropower Bureau. "Key" to report on the matter.


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