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Solar technology is greatly impacting the world of energy positively, with awide range of positive  contributions, solar is becoming  the best source of energy to go for. Due to its products being environmentally friendly since no toxic wastes emitted to the environment, it's flexibility in terms of environmental terrains, ease to use and  cheaper cost  has enabled  a wide range of people select of other sources. Tanfon solar products has been of great contribution to achievement of the solar energy, Tanfon being one of the top manufacturers of Solar products has greatly scored a great scoop.

One of our happy client from Sengala who made a request and after negotiation with our team depending on the consumer needs a 5Kw Tanfon solar system was designed to suit his need, a quote for the system was  sent and after a installation done successfully.

According to the customers' monthly electricity bill and electricity consumption habits, this 5KW system will pay back in 4 years. Then in the next 25 years, he can use free electricity. Really solve electricity for customers Problems, noise problems, a series of problems with high electricity bills.

5kw solar power system

            He is one of  the many happy customers world wide.


            5kw solar power system

If you also have problems with household electricity, we can provide you with a one-stop solution, welcome to consult the TANFON team





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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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