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PV array combiner (2)
  • PV array combiner (2)

4 strings PV Combiner Box solar energy system series product

Product Specification:

  • Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
  • BrandName: TANFON SOLAR
  • MOQ: 1 piece
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4 strings PV Combiner Box solar energy system series product

PV combiner

PV combiner

PV Combiner Box Product Features:

One groups of independent PV array input and output for flexible application in different connection schemes. 

Use to connect to multiple PV array strings inputs, Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections to controller.

2 Multiple PV input arrays each of which has a maximum current of 10A
3 A high voltage fuse provided for the counterattack prevention of each PV input array. It adopts the professional DC breaker, capable to withstand voltage not lower than DC1000V. So it is safe and reliable.
4 A special high-voltage lightning protection device for the PV module
5 A special high-voltage circuit breaker for output control of the PV module
6 A degree of protection of IP65 for meeting the need of outdoor installation
7 Easy and convenient installation and maintenance, long-term service life.
8 Can prevent countercurrent (reverse irrigation), prevent internal friction. Heat spot prevention effect.
9 Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection

4 inputs PV combiner

PV combiner box Technical data
Model H4T
Input data
PV array input numbers 4
Max. single PV array current 10A
Single PV array fuse 10A
single PV array wire size PG7, 4mm2
Output data
Output numbers 1
Max. output current 40A
Each way output wire size PG16, each way 8mm2
Max output voltage 800VDC
DC output circuit breaker YES
Others data
Protection IP65
Temperature range -30℃ ~ +60℃
Reference weight (N.W/G.W.) 5.3 / 9.3
Machine size (D X W X H) 360*340*145mm
Packaging size (D X W X H) 470*450*255mm
Cooling way Natural cooling
SPD protection YES
Ground wire size ≥6mm2

Solar energy system Why need to use PV combiner box

The PV combiner function: lightning protection, isolation - to prevent solar panels anti-irrigation

In general, solar panels are allowed to be used in parallel at nominal voltages, but only after proper handling.

When in parallel must ensure that solar panels will not occur between the internal friction, which requires the addition of combiner box, the combiner box can prevent counterflow (anti-irrigation), to prevent internal friction.

If you do not add confluence box, solar panels may not be placed at the same time by the sun, one is not according to one, a part of the current will be poured into the sun without solar cells, will have a hot spot effect, Solar panels will turn black and eventually burn out.


PV Combiner Production

PV combiner


PV combiner box


PV Combiner Packaging
PV combiner PV combiner packaging

PV combiner use for solar energy system

PV combiner use for solar system   

PV combiner box




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