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5kw On grid power inverter for grid tie pv solar system

Product Specification:

  • Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
  • BrandName: TANFON SOLAR
  • MOQ: 1 piece
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5kw On grid power inverter for grid tie pv solar system

on grid inverter


Tanfon solar on grid inverter have power design 1kw 2kw 3kw 4kw 5kw 6kw 7.5kw single phase, 4kw-70kw three phase.


1kw to 5kw on grid inverter design


on grid inverter


Product Advantages (3kw-7.5kw single phase on grid inverter for solar)

High output

  • The highest efficiency 98.2%
  • Real-time and accurate MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency greater than 99.5% to ensure maximum return
  • Wide operating voltage range: from 90V to 580V, compatible with various specifications of photovoltaic arrays
  • Independent dual MPPT tracking for better adaptability to various rooftop power station designs
  • Transformerless inverter topology is used to achieve higher inverter efficiency

Flexible and economical system solutions

  • LCD screen plus combination buttons for easy viewing of inverter status information, communication connections, and system configuration
  • RS485 and external Wi-Fi/GPRS (optional): System monitoring configuration is more flexible
  • Mobile APP real-time monitoring is more convenient
  • Built-in anti-backflow function (optional)
  • Built-in sound and light alarm function

Low maintenance costs

  • Transformerless design, Higher efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight
  • All-aluminum stainless steel case, natural heat dissipation, enhanced corrosion protection, extended service life
  • IP65 protection level, freedom of installation location
  • Photovoltaic connector for easier installation and maintenance
  • Flexible and mature monitoring solutions

Smart Grid Management

  • Reactive power adjustable function
  • When the power grid is over-frequency, automatic load shedding
  • Remote active limit function


On grid inverter data sheet
Product Type HBF5KW
Max. Input power 5500W
MPPT input port quantity 2
Input string quantity 2
Auxiliary source start voltage 80V 
Max. Input voltage 600V
Grid starting input voltage 120V
Rated input voltage 360V
MPPT voltage range 90V-580V
Full load MPPT voltage range 250V-520V
Max. input current 11A / 11A
Input terminal type MC4 / H4
Max. AC power 5000VA
Nominal AC power L/N/PE, 220, 230, 240
Nominal AC voltage range 180V-276V (according to local standards)
Power network frequency range 44~55Hz / 54~66Hz (according to local standards)
Active power adjustable range 0~100%
Max. Output current 22.8A
Total harmonic component (current) <3%
Power factor 1 (+/-0.8 adjustable)
Max. power 98.0%
European Efficiency 97.5%
Night power consumption <1W
Initial power 50W
MPPT efficiency >99.9%
DC reverse protection Yes
DC switch Optional
Protection class / overvoltage category I / III
I / O surge Protector II) Optional
Safety Protection Anti-islanding, RCMU, ground fault monitoring
Certification NB/T32004-2013, AS4777, VDE0126-1-1, G83/2, G59/3, C10/11, RD1699, UTEC15-712-1, EN50438, VDE-AR-N4105
Energy management unit According to certification and requirements
Standard communication mode RS485, External GPRS / Wi-Fi (optional)
Working information storage 25 years
General Data
Ambient temperature range 25°C~+60°C (Reduced load over 45°C)
Topology No transformer
Protection level IP65
Permissible relative humidity range 0~100% Non-condensing
Max. Working altitude 4000m
Noise <25dB
Weight 11.5KG
Cooling method Natural convection
Size 405*315*135mm
Warranty 5 years (can be extended 10/15/20/25 years)
Remarks: According to the different irradiation intensity in different places, it is suggested that the input solar power can be over 1.1~1.2 times


On grid inverter use for power solar system


on grid inverter


Customers' feedback of inverter


on grid inverter


TANFON On Grid inverter Factory


on grid inverter


Why Choose Tanfon?


  • Each set solar power system has tested by power-off test of 100 times per hour.


  • Pre- sale: Have been served for 120 countries professional teams will free to hlep you to design and big project site survey.

  • Selling: Three days per time of follow-up services, video inspection.

  • After sales: Engineer can be on-site installation service.


  • Project design solution will send to you quickly within 1 hour

  • The fastest will be shipped in 7 days

  • The engineer will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrived at port.


on grid inverter company


TANFON big Project 2MW on gird inverter solar system

on grid inverter solar system


We accept OEM and small trial orders, Please send inquiry to us or contact me for more details. All inquiries will be replied with in 24 hours. 

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