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Off grid pure sine wave 4kw solar inverter

Product Specification:

  • Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China
  • BrandName: TANFON
  • MOQ: 5
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4kw solar inverter

NW 4kw off grid solar inverter working way below optional:

1.The city power priority: when it have city power, inverter will work bypass output, city power take the load directly; when  have both city power and sun power, inverter will charge 2 kinds power to battery. when city power failed, just charge solar power to battery .

2.Battery power priority: when it have sun power, just charge sun power to battery, and take the load, when it has not sun power, inverter will use battery power take the load. when battery power is lower, inverter will automatically use bypass function to take the load, and charge to battery at the same time.

4kw solar inverter


NW 4kw off grid solar inverter details:

4kw solar inverter

4kw solar inverter

4kw solar inverter

NW 4kw off grid solar inverter datasheet



Rated Power


Peak overload ability

200%, 3s

Input Voltage(V/DC)


Output Voltage(V)

110/120/220/230/240VAC ±2%



Charge current(A)

0-35A: 5A / 10A / 20A / 25A / 30A / 35A, 6 stages charging current adjustable




Pure sine wave



Inverter efficiency



Overload,over voltage,over temperature,short circuit protection,normal voltage over-voltage auto-recovery

Environment temperature








6kw solar inverter

TANFON inverter workshop:
6kw solar inverter

Our factory with full parts factory line,PCB board,assemble line,IQC testing,Aging testing and others.

We promise our best quality and after sales service, make TANFON as your most valuable cooperator in China.

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how about power inverter use - 5kw off grid solar inverter

Why Choose TANFON Products?

1.Sample service

    Applicable to quality test,function test etc

2.Repair service

   Two year warranty

3.Perfect after sales service system

    Contact us ,we will help you quickly find the problem,then give you fast service .

4.ODM service

    Powerful R&D department can provide professional technical support \

5.OEM services

    More than 100 pieces ,you can decide the trademark and package

6.Quality utmost

    Each inverter has tested by power-off test of 100 times per hour.

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we promise all inverter through limit impact test before shipment


1.what difference between NW and this TF series inverter?

A:NW is wall type ;TF is wheeled type.

   NW model is from 300w-6kw ;TF model can be 300w-30kw;

2.what other advantage for this TF series off grid inverter ?

A:have city power priority and battery priority switch ,

can be produce 2 phase (110V&220V) output voltage for south america market .

3.so how to suggest to the customer between NW and TF series inverter?

A:NW is little higher efficiency ,and Lighter weight,so if customer choose less than 6kw ,can choose NW model,if customer must be need 2 phase output ,choose TF this model .

check NW series inverter product details

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