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Published by Foshan Tanfon2018-10-02

The world's first 100% powered by photovoltaic power generation

In the past ten years, China has developed rapidly and the economy has been rising steadily. The rhythm of life has accelerated. After all, the pressure of life is getting bigger and bigger, and we ha...

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Published by Foshan Tanfon2019-06-21

How do solar PV plant deal with extreme?

In the summer, the weather will be very hot, and with the cold air coming, accompanied by strong convective weather, there will be extreme weather such as thunderstorms and hail. At this time, the sol...

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12 years inverter factory focus in solar installation
Pass the SGS inspection certificate of qualification for the follow countries: Algeria, Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Burundi, Mongolia, Uganda, Egypt.

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